Fixed Arch Hybrid Dentures


At Last! A Permanent Teeth Solution That Eliminates the Frustrations of Traditional Dentures (and in Many Cases, It Can Be Yours in Just ONE Day!)

>>> Beautiful New Teeth, Often in Just One Day

>>> In-Office Procedure

>>> Surgical-Grade Materials Designed to Last a Lifetime

>>> Ideal for Dental Implants or Implant Supported Dentures

Our Fixed Arch Hybrid Denture dental implant method gives our patients a range of convenient options when it comes to teeth replacement or even eliminating their dentures altogether.

This breakthrough treatment incorporates 4 dental implants as a revolutionary way to affix your new set of permanent teeth or implant-supported dentures. Unlike traditional dentures using adhesives, the implants used on the All-On-4 procedure offer superior stability and a more confident feel.

Tired of missing out on your favorite foods? Feeling apprehensive in social settings due to ill-fitting dentures? Our Fixed Arch Hybrid Denture procedure may be perfect for you!

The Process

The process begins with a consultation with Dr. Leftwich. He will speak with you about your dental history, your lifestyle and your goals.

Then Dr. Leftwich’s team will conduct a series of measurements and tests to create a completely customized plan that’s unique to your dental needs. Once the measurements are gathered and the procedure is planned, you will schedule your appointment for the actual procedure.

At this appointment, you will be comfortably sleeping under IV sedation as Dr. Leftwich’s surgical team places the implants. Then Dr. Leftwich completes the restoration by placing your permanent teeth.

Is Fixed Arch Hybrid Denture The Right Choice for You?

>>> Are you tired of your traditional dentures?

>>> Have you lost all or most of your teeth?

>>> Do you need restorations on your upper or lower?

>>> Do you want a permanent solution you can enjoy immediately?

If you said ‘yes’ to any of these questions, the Fixed Arch Hybrid Denture method may be ideal for you!

Your Next Step

We invite you to schedule your dental implant appointment at our office. At this appointment, you will meet with Dr. Leftwich personally, and he will conduct his examination and recommend the optimal course of treatment for you.

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Results may vary. Not all patients are candidates. Consult with Dr. Leftwich to discuss any potential risks and benefits of the Fixed Arch Denture Hybrid procedure.